Mooring Anchorage

Mooring Anchorage - maneuvers in port and in the bay require technical skill and experience. This day allows you to try several times and get familiar with the behavior of the boat and with the confined spaces.

Who it is aimed at

Who have attended Cruiser2 or similar.


At our site in Marina Monfalcone


Offshore Sailing School
Marina Monfalcone


One day.


Provided by the school


Salona 38


90 Euro

Available dates

Sign up indicating the date you prefer, you will be contacted to define.

Detailed course information

What you will learn

bow, stern, side mooring; anchor; handle the mooring lines; use of inboard engine.


We are waiting for you onboard for a short preparation. Then you will go out on the boat: there will be two sessions, morning and afternoon. You take turns in all roles. The day ends with a debriefing-aperitif.


Waterproof trousers and boat boots are provided by the school. Bring comfortable clothing suitable for the season, a waterproof windproof jacket, trainers or boat shoes.


For lunch we go to the Marina Monfalcone restaurant. In some cases, we will eat a packed lunch while sailing or at anchor.

Overnight stay

On board.