Cabin Cruiser 4

CABIN CRUISER 4 - ADVANCED COURSE | Practice of all aspects of mid-range sailing cruising. Ideal as a Competent Crew or post-licence.

Who it is aimed at

people of all ages who have attended Cabin 2 or hold a boating licence.

Principali argomenti

Conduzione di un cabinato da crociera completo di randa, fiocco avvolgibile, gennaker; pianificazione di una navigazione di medio raggio; carta nautica e strumenti elettronici; scelta dei luoghi di ancoraggio e ormeggio; uso del tender, navigazione notturna; conduzione in solitario;  gestione delle emergenze.


Offshore Sailing School
Marina Monfalcone


Boarding at our site in Monfalcone and sailing in italian, slovenian and croatian waters.


7 days and 6 nights


Waterproof trousers and boat boots are provided by the school. Bring comfortable clothing suitable for the season, a waterproof windproof jacket, trainers or boat shoes.


Salona 38 with max. 5 students

Available dates

they will be published in January 2024

Detailed course information


The first day is devoted to preparing the boat, the galley and the crew. As soon as possible, you leave your moorings and sail in ever-changing stages during which you practise, teach, prepare and consume meals, and take turns. Stops are mainly at anchor and you only enter port for refuelling. The individual course fee includes: instructor, tuition, use of the boat and shore facilities.

Worth knowing

A common fund is set up and managed by the students from which they will pay for galley expenses, Croatian tourist tax, fuel, any ports other than the port of departure etc. The average weekly expense is Euro 150 per person.