Cabin Cruiser 3

CABIN CRUISER 3 - COMPETENT CREW COURSE PART 2 | To get ready for all aspects of sailing cruising. Also ideal as a post-licence course.

Who it is aimed at

Adults who have attended Cabin 2 or hold a boating licence.


max5 allievi + istruttore


Offshore Sailing School
Marina Monfalcone


boarding at our site in Monfalcone and sailing in the Gulf of Trieste including Slovenian waters.

Principali argomenti

Navigazione costiera, ormeggio, ancoraggio, carta nautica e strumenti elettronici, pilotaggio, recupero uomo a mare, riduzione della velatura, gennaker.


1 weekend (two days with optional boarding on Friday evening)


Salona 38


210 Euro for the two-day course

Prezzo per sistemazione in cabina matimoniale di prua ad uso singola.

310 Euro

6,7 maggio

Posti disponibili

19,20 agosto

Posti disponibili

16,17 settembre


22,23 luglio

Posti disponibili

11,12 novembre

Posti disponibili

14,15 settembre

Posti disponibili

5,6 ottobre

Posti disponibili

1,2,3 novembre (3gg) da 300€

Posti disponibili

Detailed course information


Meeting at the Marina Monfalcone and outing for the entire weekend. We take turns at the helm and in all roles, practical exercises and manoeuvres. The boat is also our classroom: the day ends with a debriefing to fix the fundamentals. The galley is coordinated by the instructor and everyone participates in the expense and preparation of meals.


Technical clothing - waterproof oilskin trousers, boots in case of rain and life jacket - is provided by the school. Bring comfortable clothing and trainers or boat shoes.

Overnight stay

The whole crew sleeps on board it is possible to embark the night before the start of the course.