Cabin Cruiser 2

CABIN CRUISER 2 - COMPETENT CREW COURSE PART 1 | Practising basic techniques, progressing and integrating new navigation knowledge.

Who it is aimed at

people of all ages who have attended Cabin 1 or similar.


2 or 3 days at the weekend


Offshore Sailing School
Marina Monfalcone


Waterproof trousers and boat boots are provided by the school. Bring comfortable clothing suitable for the season, a waterproof windproof jacket, trainers or boat shoes.


Elliot 770


190 Euro + 70 Euro for the third day

Available dates

25,25mar 8,9apr 22,23apr 6,7may 20,21may 3,4jun 17,18jun 1,2jul 15,16jul 29,30jul 12,13oug 26,27oug 9,10sep 23,24sep 14,15oct 28,29oct

Detailed course information


Meeting in the classroom, analysis of the weather situation, description of the day's objectives and exercises. Morning and afternoon outings. Activities in all on-board roles, sailing manoeuvres. Review ashore and debrief.


Waterproof oilskin trousers, boots and life jacket provided by us. Dress in comfortable clothing and trainers or boat shoes.


For lunch we go to the Marina Monfalcone restaurant. In some cases, we will eat a packed lunch while sailing or at anchor.

Overnight stay

For courses starting after 22 September, it is possible to stay overnight in the Marina Monfalcone bungalows. These are dormitories with bunk beds and a bathroom, suitable for the entire crew (max. 5 people). The price per person for an overnight stay (one night) is 22 Euro.