Offshore Sailing School

Exploring and understanding the world of sailing, how to use the wind to sail, how the boat works, how to steer, how to stay on board.

Who it is aimed at

Adults of all ages, first experience at sea.


At our site in Marina Monfalcone


Offshore Sailing School
Marina Monfalcone


One weekend (2 days)


Provided by the school


Elliot 770


190 Euro

Available dates

24-25 September | 1-2 Ottobre

Detailed course information

What you will learn

Gaits, adjusting sails, helming, knots and nautical names. Correct positions and postures on board. Mooring, 'stationary boat', weather observations, safety.


We are waiting for you in our course room for a short preparation and a first look at the weather. Then you will go out on the boat: there will be two sessions, morning and afternoon. You take turns in all roles. The day ends with a debriefing-aperitif in the classroom.


All technical clothing - waterproof trousers, technical sailing boots for use in bad weather, life jackets are provided by us. Bring a waterproof windproof jacket, trainers or boat shoes, comfortable clothing.


For lunch we go to the Marina Monfalcone restaurant. In some cases, we will eat a packed lunch while sailing or at anchor.

Overnight stay

For courses starting after 22 September, it is possible to stay overnight in the Marina Monfalcone bungalows. These are dormitories with bunk beds and a bathroom, suitable for the entire crew (max. 5 people). The price per person for an overnight stay (one night) is 22 Euro.